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General description

The Historian application can be configured to generate reports from database data. Reports may be generated on demand or on scheduled (daily/weekly/monthly) basis. Reports are created in XLS (Excel 97-2003) format, which is compatible also with newer Excel versions. The report is created using an XLS template, which is supplied with requested data. Generated reports are stored within the Historian app file system until manually deleted.

The report is specified using following properties

  • Report name – only internal name of the report
  • Report frequency – scheduling frequency (manually, daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Time delay – offset for the scheduled timestamp (eg. Time delay of 0.03:00:00 for a report with daily frequency means, that the report should be generated every day at 3 AM; Time delay of 10.00:00:00 for a report with monthly frequency means, that the report should be generated on the 10th of every month)
  • Locale – English/German – localization culture which is used when formatting dates and numbers (eg. may produce dates like Saturday for English or Samstag for German)
  • Template – XLS Template file
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The reports menu is placed under the Analysis Tools (main menu). First tab (New report) is devoted to creating and planning new reports, remaining tabs represent particular reports.  

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