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by Petr Roupec



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  1. Insert Acronis Bootable CD/DVD and select Acronis True Image 2016
    • Insert Acronis Bootable CD/DVD and select Acronis True Image 2016

    • After while computer will boot up

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  2. Select menu "Network Options"
    • Select menu "Network Options"

      • Check that network cable is connected

    • Setup unique IP address in same network as backup server

      • IP address MUST NOT COLLIDE with IP addresses of existing computers

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    • Select Back Up

    • Select "Disk and Partition Backup"

    • Select entire disk to Backup

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    • Select option "Create new backup archive" and hit button "Browse"

    • Then click on "Create new ftp connection"

    • Enter following information

      • ftp server IP address

      • User name

      • Password

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    • After creating new ftp connection you can browse server backup directories

    • Locate directory to which backup image will be stored to

    • Bohemia Market data storage is located at /volumes/om650

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    • Type Backup File name

    • Click "OK" when ready, verify next page and if happy press "Next" button and backup summary will be shown.

    • Bohemia Market recommends that name of Back Up file contains:

      • Name of the computer

      • Date of backup

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    • Hit "Proceed" button to begin with Back Up

    • After while Back Up will complete

    • Length of backup vary between 15 minutes to hour or so. It depends on the size of the disk and speed of network.

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